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Welcome to the Office of Parliamentary Counsel Website

The Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) provides timely, high quality legislative drafting and publication services. These include drafting and advisory services for Commonwealth Bills, legislative instruments and other instruments as well as comprehensive public access to Commonwealth legislation, particularly through the ComLaw website.

For information on our specialist services, please see the Services and training page.

This site is designed to be of interest to lawmakers, legislative drafters and anyone else seeking information about Commonwealth Bills, Acts and instruments. For information for clients working with OPC including frequently asked questions, please see the Client information page.

OPC has been active in encouraging the use of plain language in legislation and developing and using plain language techniques. Please see the Plain language page for further information. OPC has also developed the Guide to Reducing Complexity in Legislation as part of the Government’s initiative to reduce complexity in legislation.

Drafting Directions are instructions issued by the First Parliamentary Counsel to ensure that a consistent approach is taken in Commonwealth legislative drafting. They are available on the OPC Drafting Directions Series page. The OPC Drafting Manuals page includes the OPC Drafting Manual and the OPC Plain English Manual. The Drafting Manual gives an overview of Commonwealth legislative drafting techniques, including the Drafting Directions.

A revised version of the Legislative Instruments Handbook has been issued.

In addition to information contained on this page, this site provides links to other sites related to legislation and legislative drafting.

We are interested in your views about our site and welcome your comments. These should be sent to our Webmaster.

Exposure draft of Legislation Rule 2016

An exposure draft of the Legislation Rule 2016 is available your information and comment. Please click here to download the exposure draft.

The Legislative Instruments Act 2003 will be renamed the Legislation Act 2003 (the Act) and will undergo other changes when the Acts and Instruments (Framework Reform) Act 2015 commences on or before 5 March 2016.
Among other things, the changes will require the First Parliamentary Counsel to make a rule prescribing the approved website on which registered laws and other documents are to be available to the public under section 15C of the Act as amended.
The attached draft rule meets this requirement, and deals with some other matters as permitted by the Act, including some aspects of the lodgement and registration process previously dealt with in the Legislative Instruments Regulations 2004 (which will be repealed when changes to the Act commence).
Any comments on the exposure draft can be sent to the email addresses specified in the draft. Comments should be sent no later than 5 February 2016.



We have moved:

Office of Parliamentary Counsel has moved to; Level 4, 28 Sydney Avenue Forrest 2603.

Although we have moved, the last 3 digits of the old phone numbers remain the same. Please dial 02 6120 1 and then the last 3 digits of the person you are trying to contact.

OPC's main switchboard number is 02 6120 1400.

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